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    Hey folks, letting this one go finally. Have a Budda Superdrive that's covering all my needs. Specs: 1985, all original, no mods, 50 watter, 2 channel, EL34 loaded. Has the "brown" grill cloth (or faded, depending on who you ask). Sounds great, looks great. It's a JCM800, what else can you...
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    Minty Laney Lionheart 20watt Head (L20H). Very loud and very versatile! Tone is very close to a marshal sound with some Plexi characteristics in my opinion. Will do anything from blues to fusion and metal with the right booster pedal. very easy to use and has nice EQ and spring Verb IT HAS...
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    Hello all...I need a smaller, more versatile rig for hauling around than this. Dont get me wrong, this rig sounds killer!, but its a single channel head made for rippin and I'm not currently playing that style so I would like to see if anyone has something in a small combo they might want to...
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    I have a few different tube amps such as Mesa, Budda, and Fender. The other day my friend left a Randall RH200 solid state head at my house. I believe this is like a Dimebag Darrel model amp. I am not the biggest fan of metal, mainly just pop rock in my cover band, but this amp sounded really...
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    Ok, so this is just a wild idea, so I don't want anyone bashing me if this idea is stupid. :D But me and my buddy have been talking about the future of tube amps and solid state getting better, etc. And since I'm really into jazz right now, I have come to love solid state cleans, namely the...
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    I know this is a stupid question but I'm looking at ordering a Carvin head today and I need to know if I can run it through my Peavey XXX 1x12 combo's speaker just to try it out. Thanks
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    Peavey Windsor all tube head in excellent condition. This extremely affordable amp has a hot-rodded british vibe to it... really comes to life with a great distortion pedal like a tubescreamer or sparkle drive out front. Features 3 12AX7 preamp tubes, 4 EL34 power amp tubes, patent-pending Class...
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    Sorry if this has been asked before but i read through the amp guide and didnt find anything. Im torn between two amps. Fender blues deluxe reissue 40watts and Fender blues jr. 15 watts. Would the 15 watts be loud enough to jam with a band? I'm not looking for enough volume for a gig but...
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    Hey guys i wrote another thread about buying a peavey classic. I changed my mind and im really looking into the Orange. What are your thoughts about this amp? It would be perfect for me because i can carry it as handbagage. Thanks!
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    Hey guys, I'm selling off some gear and I figured I'd give you guys first crack at it before I take it to CL or the 'Bay. I'll get some pics up in a day or so; I don't own a digital camera so I'll be borrowing one, but for now I'll be as descriptive/unnecessarily verbose as I can. Laney...
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    Grabbed a cheap Schecter, a cable and spent an hour plugging into just about everything at GC and was disappointed at it all. Gave the JSX another try, liked it, but still wasn't ready to get another one, for the reasons I traded mine away. Couldn't get a fat warm 'just slighty' gainy tone...
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    I tried one of the new Bugera amps yesterday, and was really surprised on how good it sounded. Really great chicken picken sound on the clean channel. Really impressed with the Lead Channel. If any of you guys get a chance check them out.
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    anyone own this amp head or combo? what is the difference between 6505 and 6505 + ? soundclips are welcome :-) allready looked on youtube,
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    I just got this last month. I reeeaally do love the thing, and maybe ill grab another at some point down the road, but its not fulfilling my needs right now. I need something higher gain than this, and i cant justify financially the cost of getting another tube head. i dont even have a good cab...
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    For the Rescue Me or Bury Me solo does he use the Marshall Jcm800 or the Bogner XTC? I loveeee the tone on the song so I was curious
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    I'm thinking of buying a new amp, which now I'm using a Marshall 30dfx I've chosen to go with Randall amps. And i was looking into the preamps chassis thing that holds modules and a 2x12. Is this for a rack and does this go straight to the cabinet or do i still need a head?
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    Hey guys. I'm trading my Nomad 55. It's almost new in condition. Has brand new tubes with less than an hour with them. 55W tube head with 3 channels. Each channel has 2 different voicings and independent EQ and Reverb. Comes with footswitch, new tubes, and dust cover. Looking for something in...
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    up until a month ago, i was a valve virgin. i bought a valveking, hated the sound, bought new speakers celestion v30's) and it didnt do much. I ve read everywhere about the 'cranked valve tone' so earlier today i tried and it was pretty bad actually. i cant see what this is about. to me the...
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    Hallo, guys... I am considering buying one of these two... Marshall JMP-1 or Tech 21 PSA 1 Sansamp What are your experiences with these 2..? I have read HC reviews, manuals and searched the forums all over the net.. Still, i would like an opinion from you, Jemsiters ... ? Reason why i am...
1-20 of 243 Results