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tube screamer
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    I'm looking at getting either a head and cab or getting the pedal. Which one would create the best tone? I play an ibanez universe and I mostly use a boss gt-10 played through two Tech 21 PE60's. The pedal would be perfect with those speakers but I also like the breakup of tube amps, BUT I also...
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    Hi guys I have this ts9 since I don't even remember when, but it was already second hand when I got it. It seems (analogman guide) it's a 1983 one but I'd like to be sure since I need to sell it and I'd like to know if it's original in all its parts and the circuitry is original too. Here's...
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    so i have the Boss NS2 and a tube screamer and they both run on batteries, i read in the manual that i have to unplug the input jack when not playing, do i have to do this to the NS 2 only or to the tube screamer too? the tube screamer is running though the send and return of the NS 2 thanks
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    So I've been beefing up my rig recently with some pedals and such--I have a Boss GE-7 and an ISP Decimator on their way to me right now. Now, after talking to some friends, I've decided I may finally go the route that I've seen suggested by hundreds of people--getting a Tube Screamer. I'm more...
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    FS:Furman Pedal Brd, Boss SD-1(MIJ), GE-7 EQ, Ibanez TS9DX, CS-5, Guyatone MD2 & more For Sale are the following Items: Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board Cry Baby 535 Wah Boss SD-1(Japan black label) Ibanez CS-5(japan re-issue) Ibanez TS-9DX(japan re-issue) Guyatone MD2 Digital Delay(Japan) BOSS GE-7...
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    Ok, so i recently bought a Jet city jca2112 combo amp, and now i need a boost pedal for soloing(cause the jca doesnt have enough gain for soloing at bedroom levels). and yeah i'm on a budget, so its pretty much between: 1) Ibanez ts-7 2) Digitech bad monkey 3) Boss sd-1 Well its mostly between...
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    I have a tube screamer since 1985. It seem that i lost distortion power over the years. Is it possible or it just me ?
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    For sale is an Ibanez Jemini Pedal. It is near new in excellent condition. I only used this in my home, and with one amp in particular, so it was bearly ever used. Its two pedals in one...basically its a TS-9 and a DS-1 wrapped up in an awesome swirled package. Oh, and the circles around the...
1-9 of 9 Results