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  1. Pickups & wiring
    http://www.q-tuner.com/gl-6.shtml Well these certainly aren't commonplace. (At least in my neck of the woods) Whats your take and thoughts. I'm considering ordering 4 or 5 to experiment come next pay check, and they are partially handmade (or so they claim). And at least they look pretty :D
  2. Pickups & wiring
    this is a fairly unknown product that i´m curious about... it´s a company from the netherlands called Q-Tuner... they make Neodymium magnet-pickups, made in a very peculiar way... here´s a demo: http://www.q-tuner.com/demo/guitar.mp3 pretty cool stuff, when i´m getting a new neck pickup for my...
  3. Pickups & wiring
    and it sounds........................pretty much the same lol it replaced the V2 and maybe it sounds a little better if you listen REAL close, but if it was changed and i didnt know, i probably wouldnt notice the difference.
  4. Pickups & wiring
    Anyone ever tried those weird (but cool) looking Q-tuner pickups? They're fairly expensive but I might get me some. From reviews they sound amazing. Any info on these?
  5. Pickups & wiring
    Hi all. In a few weeks I'll be buying a Peavey V-Type. It's the black, Floyd equipped one, seeing as you asked. :) Really though, I know it's easy enough to get a single coil sized humbucker such as Hot Rails, etc., but what about the other way round? I have never seen one. The guitar has 2...
1-5 of 5 Results