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    Up for grabs this collector's item, a 100% original/stock 540STN, one of the few ever produced (I've read only 30 of these were made). The guitar is in mint condition, has had almost zero use and kept in its perfect fit case all the time. As you can see, it's an S-series type of axe, with...
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    it's a limited version! and a cute one! Neck Material: 3pc Maple Neck Type: 2670RE Body: 2pc carved solid ash top with ash body Frets: Medium Fingerboard: Ebony Inlay: Vintage vine pearl Bridge: Gotoh GE103B-T bridge NeckPU: Super 58 2670 BridgePU: Super 58 2670 EQ: EQ -...
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    Changing up my rig with the new year so sadly this amp has to go to afford some new toys. specs are: 1971 Fender twin reverb silverface non-master volume has weber californian speakers (i do not have the originals i never did) these are based on the jbl d120's which came stock in some of the...
1-3 of 3 Results