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    Hey guys, I just bought the Bogner Uberschall Pedal a couple of days ago and it is sweet. I play with either a musicman silhouette or ESP ltd jh-600 with emg 85 in the bridge. I play through a Fender Super 60 Rack into a Marshall 1912 cabinet (not sure what speaker). Now I've used almost every...
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    Whoa. Bogner has just unveiled the Ecstasy Red, Ecstasy Blue and Uberschall pedals! Made in the USA and with heaps of features, price is expected to be less than $250 each. http://iheartguitarblog.com/2012/03/musikmesse-2012-bogner-pedals.html WANT!
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    I've already owned and sold a powerball 1 v2 and I liked it even though it didn't respond well with the SD blackouts I had in my rg2228. I feel like out of all reviews I read 50% vote powerball and 50% vote Uberschall! I want super tight gain with powerfull lows and just overall good sound...
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    My Twin Jet is mint condition, includes the footswitch, original box, manual, etc. It has the black head shell and the original first channel (no mod). Trades: VHT/Fryette Pitbull UltraLead w/EQ Bogner 20th Anniversary Shiva ENGL Savage, Invader, SE CAE OD-100 SE+ Diezel Herbert Splawn Nitro...
1-4 of 4 Results