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    About 80% of the US sites I try to visit today won't load. What's up with that? Did a giant squid chew through an undersea cable or something?
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    European progressive/metal/virtuoso label Lion Music have recently released some albums which may be of interest to some readers and have some more exciting stuff set for later this month and April. MARCO SFOGLI - THERE'S HOPE (out now) Marco has already generated some discussion in this area...
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    In accordance with the new law that every guitarist must have a lo-rez (preferably camera-phone) video of them shredding on YouTube, here's a lo-rez camera phone video of me shredding on YouTube.
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    I have seen a bunch of shredder videos, but not a lot of videos displaying the best talented rythem guitarists. Anyone got some good ones? Billy Gibbons is one of my favorites.
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    Anyone got any good Odd time sig riffs ala "Erotomania"? I'm just looking for some ideas to get me started
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    Check out Outworld's latest video: http://www.outworldband.com/musicvideo.htm The new singer is unbelievable. You can hear the Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson influence clearly, but his style is still original. As for Rusty, no intro or comment necessary. The guy's iconic. I just bought the...
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    There's a lot of focus on T-MAC, but pretty cool nonetheless. This is Tony's band with Billy Sheehan and Virgil Donati (the greatest drummer alive!).
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    Here's a rough mix of a track that is currently work in progress. I can't decide whether or not to extend it and put a solo near the end where it fades (after the instruments break down to just the guitar). What do you think? Does it need anything else...
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    Jesus fecking christ does this album sound good or what?! Has anyone listened yet? I guess you have, Dee ;) I'm actually looking forward to the Garsed tracks more than the Holdsworth ones. I've always wanted to hear him with Planet X more. Snuff and Thinking Stone sound so awesome. May 21st!
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    From the Vai Newsletter: Hi Folks, Well, I was sitting here thinking, it's been a while since I was out there with my own band playing a full show, but would it make sense to tour on an orchestra record since that's what's being released? If I don't get out for at least a little bit now, it...
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    Every 3 to 5 years I seem to reach a junction in my playing, perhaps you do too ? That time has come around again for me. I've spent the past few years looking at the techniques of Vai, Gilbert, Malmsteen etc and spent a lot of time feeling frustrated. Whilst I have the greatest respect for...
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    http://dailymotion.alice.it/video/2043866 WOW! 2 year old kid playing drums. He actually has decent timing and can play a bit. :eek: Is this unreal or what!?
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    im listening to star wars disco by wierd al. just got tol the cantena bit. legend!!!
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    Which do you prefer those that cover specific techniques or general playing? I'm refering to these basicaly http://www.licklibrary.com/ProductDetail.aspx?Product=wwsPxVliDiM%3d http://www.licklibrary.com/ProductDetail.aspx?Product=y03fTDjdeBg%3d and...
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    Yeah the title sums it all. I'm not just meaning Yngwie (whom I have always disliked) but also Steve, Satch, Gilbert, Petrucci and others that I can't think of right now. I find that I'm not that eager to listen all of those lightning fast solos and fancy techniques. Don't get me wrong this is...
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    Hey, i pickd up an 1990 ibanez RG 550, it is in fairly good condition all round and i want to do it up heaps, firstly i have a few questions i was hoping someone could help me out with. firstly is and RG 550 a good guitar, are they worth doing up coz i dont want it to be like im making a crap...
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    I'm sure this kinda thread has crept up before, but anyway... It's no secret that Paul Gilbert is my favourite player of all time, but to me he is great on his own. If I were to pick a dream line-up for a band it'd probably be... Sebastian Bach - vocals Steve Vai - lead guitar James Hetfield -...
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    Just a thought guys and gals - it's the anniversary of the Jem AND the RG series this year. There's lots of talk of a 20th Jem but what about a 20th RG? I'd certainly buy one if the spec and colours were good :D
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    http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/artists/DragonForce/showVideo.aspx?fileID=1574 check out that link! this band was recently brought to my attention, and they seem pretty sick. does anyone have anymore info on them? i hope i didnt break any rules by posting that link....
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    hi , i was wondering if any of you had a carvin guitar . I have been interested in them since i knew about them , but have always been put off by the fact that i have never been able to play one . i love maple fret boards and they are really the only company doing them. So information specs...