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    I'm looking for a more musical wah than my Bad Horsie II. I like the demos of the 535Q and I'm pretty sure I can find that one in a local store to try. But the Dimebag Crybaby from Hell seems to be a 535Q with extra features. And it's only $30 more. What I'd like to know is if the Dimebag...
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    Hey guys! I'm currently in the market for a wahwah pedal. I've never owned one and feel it's a must have for any non-beginner guitarist. I don't know much about different models, so I'd like you to tell me your favorite wahwah and what makes it special. Another thing that would help is if you...
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    as the title says i have a dunlop crybaby 535q, barely used. i still have all the original box, plastics, covers, docs. everything. i even still have the receipt and shows i bought the pedal for $130 new with the dunlop power suppy. it still sticker on top. no scratchiness, no issues, just have...
1-3 of 3 Results