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  1. Pickups & wiring
    ok so heres the issue, i traded for an rg5ex1 the guy before me butcherd it after repaint and assembly i find out the neck pickup is much louder then the bridge. iam pretty shure i have it wired wright i used an ibanez schematic inf3 infs3 inf4 i also swaped the the leads on the bridge and it...
  2. Pickups & wiring
    so, i need to take out the bridge humbucker pickup in my guitar, should i take it out myself or should i pay to have someone do it for me? and also, if i take it out and clip off all the wires on the end ware its connecting to... will they know how to wire my other pickup im getting? p.s. i...
  3. Pickups & wiring
    Hello, I tried to create a thread with more specifics to what I am doing but I cant post links till 10 posts... so for now... Is there any place with good wireing diagrams for the Ibanez coil split wireing for HSH configurations where posistions 2 and 4 split coils from neck and bridge with...
1-3 of 3 Results