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  1. Pickups & wiring
    Hey everyone, I've got a two humbuckers and a 5-way switch and would love to get this kind of configuration out of the switch: Problem is, I can't find any wiring diagrams to get this done. Is this even possible? How would I go about doing this? Thanks!
  2. Pickups & wiring
    So I have an Ibanez ART100 i'm working on and I got the Zakk Wylde EMG set in them, but the only problem that I'm having is the wiring from the old switch. Not sure of which of the red/bare or white/bare set got into the bus or not. Plugged the guitar in and have sound coming out, but neither of...
  3. Pickups & wiring
    Hi everybody, well, this is my first post, I'm going to work with an Ibanez style kit and being trying to find a diagram where I can wire a 2 humbuckers, 1 tone and 1 volume using a 3 way lever switch. I just find this but using a 3 way switch like the ones you find on a les paul guitar...
1-3 of 3 Results