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    I was just looking at a nice high-end lefty model guitar on the Ibanez Japan site (RG 680CL, better than then JEM 555LWH - lefty Lo-Pro!, and a steal at under $600 ... btw thanks Todd for showing me this) and I realized that if I got my parents to get it, or pay half, on it, that I would have my...
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    It's been about two months and alot of saving up and extra work but I finally bought my JS700 today, and I love it. Got the Japanese version! It's so beautiful with the matching headstock and neck!!! I'll try to post some pics!! Later..................
  3. Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models
    Same old story. Just like everyone else i've got my JS100 and i'm frustrated w/ the trem. Stiff and just plain unreliable pitch stability. You know how it is. I've been thinking about selling this guitar for another ibanez, but i have no idea what i should go for! The JEMs just seem way out...
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    I don't know if this had been covered before but does anyone know why Ibanez changed the inlays to the screwhead for the DBK from the vine on most other Jems?
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    I love my Jem like no other guitar, but I still like to collect and play others. I just picked up a peavey wolfgang, and next on my wishlist are a gibson lp classic and a fender american deluxe fat strat. What non-ibanez guitars is everyone else interested in picking up? Mike