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    Just curious, if anyone has any input / experience / knowledge in this area. Does it seem to impress women more if you look intense while playing or if you're relaxed and having fun while wailing or shredding? And if you do have input, do you have any idea WHY this should matter to women?
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    Inspired by a spiraling conversation with 6fingers I figured I would pose a question to you all: If given the opportunity...would you chose to have your absolute perfect dream guitar rig (amps, guitars, whatever...the sky is the limit) or...your dream girl (celeb, the girl next door, whatever)...
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    Ok so my mom went back to school, and I don't have a vehicle yet (i'm 16) and Ive been working my ass off all summer getting money for a nice car/truck I made $2,000 dollars this year and I put about 600 dollars into my guitar getting that sustainer installed by that quack tech. And some other...
1-3 of 3 Results