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    Hello I am looking for an xotic bb pre pedal. I dont care about condition as long as it functions. I would also like a 7-10 band eq pedal. Something like an MXR 108, maybe kfk or boss ge-7. I have a few pickups i could put toward trading. Dimarzio mo'joe balck with chrome poles...
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    About six months ago, I purchased an Xotic BB Preamp pedal. I was looking for something that would push and break up the clean channel of my amp. My distortion pedal, while sounding good on the lead channel, was a bit too bright and buzzy when driving the clean channel. I went with the BB...
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    Pedals for sale! Boss CE-2 Chorus. This is a MIJ Ce-2 that sounds great! Overall, it's in nice shape for it's age with some scratches here and there. $100 shipped/ paypal'ed Ibanez PC10 Prime Dual Chorus This is a sweet pedal that allows you to toggle between chorus and flanger sounds...
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    Don't know that you'd really care either, but, I figured I might as well :) The Jet city isn't really mine, a friend of mine basically lets me play with it though. I'm a college student, so money's kinda tight...but I want to get a decent amp soon. Although I'm very wishy washy lol. one...
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    I finally finished my rig. Nice and simple...my handbuilt custom guitars, my trusty Mesa Dual Rectifier, my Crybaby 535Q Multi-wah, and my new acquisitions: Review: The MXR Carbon Copy is simply the best analog delay pedal I've ever used. INCREDIBLE warmth and depth. The mod switch...
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    Let me know if you have one for sale, new or used. I'm ok with either the original or the BBP-AT (Andy Timmons version) Location: Yardley, PA
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    RC Booster - 125$ US AC Booster - 125$ US Keeley DS-1 Ultra - 85$ US -- All in excellent condition w/ industrial velcro on the bottom. PM for details, pics, inquiries. Shipping not included. Thanks!
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    Im looking for a pedal with lots of sustain,controllable feedback, harmonic qualities and of course, good overdrive/distortion. What pedal would best boost my amp with the above qualities? Thanks
1-8 of 8 Results