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    I have to say, I truly enjoy this amp. This thing is SICK all the way around, just amazeballs. Blue channel by far is my fave and I can't cite one thing I would change about this amp. EL-34 power section, Type AB, Old/New switch. The reason I am selling is I'm either old, lazy, or old and lazy...
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    Mike Keneally and XTC's Andy Partridge have written an album together and it's out now! Here's a video for the track "I'm Raining Here Inside." Says Partridge: Andy Partridge speaking about Wing Beat Fantastic: "How does he do it? When Mike took away the demo we made for a freshly...
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    Hey everyone, I have a Bogner Ecstasy that I would classify as an 9/10. There are a few light scuffs on the top of the head and a minor amount of glue residue from tape that a previous owner put on the amp. I have owned the amp for maybe 6 months and it has only been played at house volume...
1-3 of 3 Results