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    So i wanted to take a full day to digest the tour and give my opinion on the show in the most objective way possible. First and foremost I will say that I am actually not a huge fan of Hendrix's music. I respect what he did to rock music but more importantly the influence he had on the people...
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    Here is a Youtube lesson I did with my RG550 showing how to play a fast pentatonic ZW style lick. That RG550 is a great guitar by the way seems like they were made for this kind of stuff.
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    So I have an Ibanez ART100 i'm working on and I got the Zakk Wylde EMG set in them, but the only problem that I'm having is the wiring from the old switch. Not sure of which of the red/bare or white/bare set got into the bus or not. Plugged the guitar in and have sound coming out, but neither of...
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    Saw this on the new Guitar World magazine: Is this a new production Jem coming out? I like the color! Jimmy:smile:
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    Hey everyone, I do have some problems with my alternate picking, especially with upstrokes. Let´s take a lick in b minor as an example. This is a six note pentatonic pattern. --d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u-d-u--d--u-d-u--d-u-d-u------ E-8-5---5-----------------------------------------...
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    Im looking for a Zakk Wylde chorus if anyone has one.
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    I stumbled on this on youtube the other day and found it very informative. Some of you might have already found it but thought I'd share it here. Just go to youtube and search for Zakk Wylde Pentatonic Hardcore. I believe there are four 15 minute videos there. Then if you want the tab go to...
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    Just picked these up on trade, but the guitar I was putting them in was stolen Friday, so no need. Mint condish, minus the package being opened. Black 81/85 solderless with new script. Asking $140 shipped via PP Gift, but I really need a Duncan Screamin Demon F spaced in black, so that plus...
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    MXR Zakk OD. In decent shape, sounds great, just the stompbox no extra's (thats how I got it) $45 Paypal GIFT and shipped in CONUS PM me for questions or pics..
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    I am putting a feeler out to trade my Camo Zakk Wylde Gibson Replica w/ EMG 81 and 85 pickups for a PRS Singlecut SE or Tremonti SE guitar. The replica is in great shape, the only issue it has is a finish crack on the neck (common fo the 3 piece neck) and it does not effect tuning. Let me know...
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    I am looking for a set of EMG 81/85 pickups in good shape for a Gibson copy I have. Shoot me a PM if you got a set that you'd like to sell. Thanx. Jason
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    I have a 2010 Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde signature series guitar. It is the camo model. He signed it along with the rest of Black Label Society in a silver acryllic type pen on the face of the guitar. $3,500 takes it. Let me know if you're interested. Oh I live in maine. no idea what...
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    http://www.youtube.com/EMGZakkContest Anyone else here submitting a video? Here's my submission. Mimicing the vocal lines and harmonizing the lead...with a little bit of sass thrown in.
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    Needs must so sadly have to get rid of this. #338 in near perfect condition, some yellowing, has had straplocks fitted. £1800 + p&p and open to offers. Will send abroad if people are interested. Can email/pm pics tonight when get home. Thanks Al
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    I have a 2 month old Ibanez TS9 DX. Its new condition. I also have a 6 month old MXR ZW thats in good condition as well. Cost for TS9DX is $80 Shipped Cost for MXR is $70.00 Shipped Or both for 130.00 Shipped Free shipping is only valid to lower 48 States! PM me if interested!!!!!!! As...
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    I WANT THE TRUTH! (and dont tell me i cant handle the truth because i can) I know people who go ape over the name emg, and i know people who hate anything thats not passive. GOOD THINGS IVE HEARD ABOUT EMGS-Wonderful harmonic response, good sustain, high output, no noise. BAD THINGS IVE HEARD...
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    Hi Folks, Has anyone here tried these two overdrives back-to-back? If so, then what are the differences in tone...if any? Someone told me that the Zakk Wylde overdrive (ZW-44) is based off of the "basic" GT-OD. I don't know what to believe, so I ask for your expert opinions on this.8) Thanks...
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    If so, what's your favorite company, superhero, artist, etc I'm a DC guy myself, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Warlord, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hawkman...Dick Giordano was my favorite DC artist For Marvel there was nothing cooler than Conan The Barbarian, and John Buscema, Ernie Chan, and Rudy...
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    Just stumbled on this chick who apparently is the worlds fastest guitar player. Metal versions of classical standards like the bumble bee song etc... http://www.greatkat.com/ anyone else heard of her ?