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I am interested in buying the following Ibanez J Custom, however I would like you to help me finding out if it is original or not. Unfortunately the seller knows almost zero information about the guitar (doesn't not know from which year it is, does not know which RG is, does not know which pickups does it have ... basically does not know anything). I asked him if he had a certificate of authenticity and J Custom case it should have, he didnt answered ... Anyway, I'll see the guitar in the coming days to see what's up, however I would be interested if you could help me giving me some tips to distinguish photos (if it is real or fake), or give me some tips when I see the guitar live.

The guitar is in the following link, there are 4 pictures of it http://articulo.deremate.cl/MLC-408816787-guitarra-ibanez-j-custom-impecable-_JM

PD: ¿Is it a RG8420ZD PA? (the seller doesnt know, so i'm guessing).

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