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1-1/2 Day Sale, Music Man Axis, Purple flame!

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1-1/2 Day on this Sale, ends Tuesday 1/17 so let me know quick if you are interested, after that it either may get traded or go to da bay. This is a relist, this got alot of responses last time, but nobody came through and bought it!

Item for sale:
Music Man Axis, Purple flame top, VG+ condition w/ original MM case
Description & Condition:

This Axis is purple!!! Beautiful guitar, has some play wear, swirl marks in the clear and a few pin head size fisheyes in the original finish. One small chip on the headstock, see last picture. Some minor darkening on the fretboard from play, nothing major though. Pics here, here, here, and here. The back plate is included, it's just not on it for the pix.

Asking Price: Axis - $735 including shipping in the lower 48 US. Others can contact me for a shipping quote, it's around $60US more for the UK.

My Location: Erie, CO

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal preferred, checks or money order fine too.

Other Information: Contact me at [email protected]
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Picture links fixed, sorry...

here, here, here, and here

The guitar is definitely purple even though it looks kinda blue in the pix.

Bump, last chance on this before de bay. Not interested in trades! Also, the back cover is included, just not on in the pictures.

Roger, [email protected]
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