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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Guitars (Before I Bought One)
Written by Ava

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A while back I was asked to write up a short, entertaining list for a music blog called 10 Things You Wish You Knew About Guitars (Before You Bought One.) So what better way to get the real dish on the subject then to ask Jemsite members of course! They were the ones that really knew the answers. So I went on the Jemsite forum, of course, and started a thread--hoping the community would help me out.

And they responded...in an overwhelming way! I got more answers then I knew what to do with and so, unfortunately I couldn't possibly use them all. This was supposed to be a list of 10--so I added the 10--and 5 honorable mentions and yet still have more answers then I know what to do with.

Unfortunately due to the blog creator's time constraints, the blog has since closed down. Fortunately for us, we have the perfect place to include that list--right here on our very own blog! So without further adieu, I present the best answers for the burning regret we've all had on our minds: 10 Things You Wish You Knew About Guitars (Before You Bought One) from our very own vast and highly opinionated Jemsite community!

10 Things You Wish You Knew About Guitars

(Before You Bought One)

  1. "Playing better is sounding better"--Kotornut
  2. "Fender has nothing to do with Leo"--Tank
  3. "Spending a lot of money on a guitar won't improve your chances of becoming a rockstar."-Darin
  4. "Guitars give you G.A.S."
    -- RG1820X
  5. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome or G.A.S. is the obsessive and irrational horse trading or purchasing of musical related equipment. The need to "tweak" your instrument with new equipment to make it better.)
  6. "Literally every last detail of the guitar is equally important, when it comes to playability, sound and aesthetics."--Myst and Rain
  7. "Reviews from other people are close to completely meaningless. Play it yourself and decide."--Darin
  8. "I wish I would have known that I was never going to be very good at it so I wouldn't have wasted all these years and thousands of dollars trying to be cool"--Dino
  9. "How many women would be turned onto you because you play that beautiful guitar, and then 6 months later how turned off those same women are because you play that damned guitar..."-Dead Tunes 666
  10. "You MUST learn to tune it. Buy a tuner the day you buy the guitar if you can't do this already; if it isn't in tune you can't do anything with it other than make noise."-Jim777

Honorable Mentions:

"You can never have enough guitars."

"Play a guitar you like to look at. It will keep you practicing."

"The joy of a string change every couple of months."

"Never rush into a purchase."

"I wish I known that everyone has an opinion and they will preach it to you like it's the gospel."

We had to shorten it to 10 plus 5. But it definitely isn't complete. If you've got something that deserves to knock one of the babies off the list, share it with us in the comments section. We may have to do another list very, very soon.
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