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Does anybody here have one of these ?

17th Street Guitars was founded by Dave Levine and built by John Carruthers in his shop in Venice, CA. I got one in a trade deal at the Chicago Guitar show years ago, and I love it. Since then I'm up to 6 of them, just by keeping my eyes open - including a prototype, and serial number 1. I have yet to pay more than $500 for one, and they are all near mint. The DL Spyder is the most unique.

As a company, they weren't around for long - maybe as few as 40 total instruments. They all heve reverse headstocks, Dimarzio pickups, huge asymmetrical necks with enormous frets..

You can see pics of mine at a facebook fan page I have set up for the brand. I'd post a link, but I can't yet. Search 17th Street Guitars on FB...
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