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Fully Loaded 1982 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Combo Amp with Exotic Imbuya Hardwood Cabinet and Wicker Cane Grill.

Super Bold and Punchy lead sound and an amazing clean sound that can get a great subtle break up. Comes with a custom made Calzone Heavy-Duty Travel Road Case!

This little monster originally started its life as a MKIIB and was later modified at Mesa Boogie to become a rare MKIIC+. The entire front panel was replaced at that time as were some of its components. This information has been verified by Mesa Boogie.

Includes an effects loop and an expanded control panel, featuring both a lead drive and a lead master dial. This is a 100 watt model, which also allows you to switch the power to 60 watts by turning off a pair of power tubes via a switch on the back panel.

The two input jacks on the front panel are marked "Input" and "Foot Switch." The front panel controls read Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master 1 , Lead Drive and Lead Master. It has "Pull Bright" on the Volume, "Pull Shift" on the Treble and Bass, and "Pull Deep" on the Master 1, "Pull Lead" on the Lead Drive and "Pull Bright" on Lead Master. Also has a 5 band Graphic EQ, Reverb and Presence controls for more tweaking options!!

The MKIIC+ is famous for being the amp of choice on early Metallica recordings. Asking price is $2500.00 or best offer.

Matt's Music Center
35 Pleasant Street
Weymouth, MA 02190
[email protected]
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