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I would like to sell my 1985 Ibanez DT-350 "destroyer" with original hard shell case. Anyone who has played one of these guitars knows what a great value they are. I bought this guitar from someone who intended to part it out, I insisted that I want to buy all of it and it was shipped to me as you see it now. This guitar has a kind of styling you rarely see on the market anymore.
This auction is for the entire stock guitar (disassembled), everything is stock (except for one straplock). I will also include the beat up original hardshell case.
The body is still in great shape. Minimal damage except for some scratching, a dent on the back and a chip on one of the lower horns (What Explorer guitar doesn't have scratches on the lower horns?) The only real problem is that when the past owner was removing the neck pickup ring one of the screws (shown in the picture) broke off inside of the body of the guitar. You can still reattach the pickup ring with only three screws and it will be perfectly stable.
The neck is still dead straight and the frets are in OK condition (Although worn like a well loved guitar from the 80s should be!), they would still play OK when the guitar is restrung but if you wanted the best possible performance I recommend a refret or proper grinding/dressing. There is a couple of gouge marks around the fifth fret but they don't affect playability. The headstock also has a small chip of the paint gone on the very top .
The tremolo is double locking. It is of the Ibanez Pro Rock'r variety. It isn't a real floyd rose but it will stay in tune fine unless if you are steve vai! Both the double locking nut and the tailpiece are somewhat corroded. When I bought this it didn't come with a tremolo arm, I don't know how easy it is to find a replacement for these models. The three tremolo springs are also included.
The pickups and wiring are the roughest part. It would appear that the previous owner tore them out with their bare hands. All of the original wiring (as well as all the mounting hardware, pickup rings, and cavity covers) is included in this auction (3 way toggle, tone and volume pots, capacitor, etc.) but I suspect much of it will have to be replaced if you want to really let this guitar shine.
The pickups are both Ibanez V5 humbuckers, they are "blade" pickups and are pretty hot for stock pickups. One pickup is in pretty good condition, you will probably have to lengthen the lead to rewire the guitar though. The other pickup is in pretty bad condition, the previous owner actually tore out the lead and ripped off the tape, I don't know if it is even salvageable but I'll include it anyways.
Everything else that came stock on this guitar is included in the auction (except for the cap to the toggle switch and the tremolo arm). Many of the screws and washers are corroded you may want to replace them, although they still do the job just fine!
There are two other star shaped guitars with floyd roses on the market today for under $1000, both made in china or korea and the '80s X series Ibanez Destroyers wipe the floor with them. This is the guitar for you if you want an extreme shape with a floyd rose style tremolo and great japanese quality. With some work and some new pickups I would put this guitar up against any other modern guitar in the <$1000 price range.
If you have any questions or want pictures you can email me at [email protected] or PM me. I have feedback on **** under the name supernaut88.
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