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1987 RG-550 in bright Desert Yellow. Maple fingerboard

Description & Condition:
For 17 years old, (first year?) it's in great shape. Some wear on the maple board up around the 12th fret, frets big and fat and really clean. It's got USA Ibanez pickups and an Ibanez USA F-2 in the bridge. Black headstock- I bought it from a fellow jemsiter- even reviewed it here a few months ago.It has the usual small cracks where the neck joins the body, but they are minimal.Normal dings here and there. I just had a complete setup and every note is clean and full. Solid guitar.

I just did heavy alterations on my strat and have to pay for it now or else I'd never sell this one.

Asking Price: I paid $400.00, so that's what I'm asking- comes with a gig bag. Buyer pays shipping.

My Location:Connecticut

Terms of Sale/Purchase:Money order, personal check or cash.

Other Information:I'll ship after check clears, and I won't use UPS.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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