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1991-1992 Universe77MC ATD dipped

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Hello All. I am brand new to this site. I am selling a Universe77MC. (serial number is 918665) It is an About Time Design and is pictured on their site. I bought this guitar new from the Ibanez booth at the 1992 Dallas Guitar Show. Brook Mays Music brokered the deal. I am new to this site, but it was recommended as a place were someone who really can appreciate this instrument could be found.

thanks for time, this seems to be very nicely put together site of all things JEM......

Happy 4th for those of you in the US...timg

Item for sale: Universe 77MC Serial number 918665

Description & Condition: Small Chip in the body clearcoat at the neck joint, treble side. Medium chip all the way thru the white under coat to wood on the lower bout, backside near the strap. No buckle rash, no headstock chips. The pink in the swirl on the guitar top has faded over time to a "mellower" shade of pink. Here's the link to ATD:

It is an "outstanding" swirl.

Asking Price: $3750.00 (lowered due to fade & body chips)
My Location: AZ, USA

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Bank Check, Wire Transfer, etc., Would prefer Phone conversations to close. No trades, see below.

Other Information: I am selling this instrument to purchase another instrument. The pricing represents what I need to complete that transaction. Serious offers only please as time is working against me.
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Re: 1991-1992 Universe77MC ATD dipped (pictures)

Hi Everyone. Now that the "newbie" (i.e. me..) has been taken out and tied to the whipping post on pricing, I'm back and I'm smarter than I was yesterday. My apologies if I offended anyone, but I did quickly find out what the price ballpark should be....$2500. I have attached pictures of the guitar taken this morning 7-2-05. I would be happy to provide more upon request.

thanks for your patience with me as I "live and learn" this process...timg


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This instrument is sold.

thank you....timg
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