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1998 RG 550 For sale.. Maple neck, basswood body in black, Has a Tone Zone in the bridge, but I have the orginal pickup.. Stock mid and neck pickups.. Edge trem.. Has a few dings.. One about an inch near the jack, and some scratches, etc.. But the neck is mint.. No wear on the frets, etc.. Has been setup for 9's.. asking 425 plus shipping.. In the US only.. would also consider trade for certain guitars.. The only reason I'm wanting to sell is that I'm going to build a Strat style guitar that has the neck I want, etc.. This guitar just sings! Has the newer style neck joint.. AANJ I think it's called which I think is hands down better than the old fender style.. As a matter of fact I might have to have one made at EKG or whatever it is.. so I can get that same neck joint, but with a bigger neck.. Im' used to jackson size necks and I still love them!

Here's what I'd trade for.. Nice Jackson with no Trem.. or real floyd.. etc..
Jap Strat hard tail.. etc, etc..

Email me at: [email protected] for pics... I can't seem to take my old pics down to stick up new pics.. Can someone tell me how to take down my old pics? So I can post pics? Thanks man!

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