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I have 2 RG's that I am selling. One is a RG2550E in excellent condition with a J-Craft case. The guitar is galaxy black w/Dimarzio H/S/H pickups and a brushed aluminum pickguard. There is a slight nick on the back edge by the input jack, but otherwise the guitar is extremely clean. Asking $670 shipped/Paypalled/Insured. Local pickup is $600.

The other guitar is a Black RG570, square heeled with V1/S1/V2 pickups. The body is in excellent condition with the exception of a paint chip lifting off the bottom back edge of the body. The neck is a lefty maple/maple RG550 neck - dots were "drawn on" as the real dots are now on the bottom of the fretboard. The trem is an original edge and all hardware is black. The guitar comes with a Star Wars SKB type HSC. Asking $470 shipped/Paypalled/Insured. Local pickup is $400.

http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a274/lhrocker/Ibanez RG550 Mutt/

Please PM or email me at [email protected] for more information
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