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FS as package only. Sorry, I only have time to ship one box!

2005 Ibanez Collector's Edition Catalog
-minus the two page Vai/EP-7 section

Whirlwind 10' instrument cable (used ~ 5 hrs.)
Whirlwind 20' instrument cable (used ~ 5 hrs.)
Planet Waves Black Leather Basket Weave strap (used, good condition)
Ernie Ball Black Nylon strap (brand new)
2005 ESP 30th Anniversary Catalog
2003-2005 Jackson Catalog, maybe 2006 too!
2005 Schecter Catalog
2004 Schecter CD-ROM
2005 Alvarez Catalog
2005 L.R. Baggs Catalog
2005 Manuel Rodriguez Catalog

$45 plus shipping. I'm only really asking for money to cover the cost of the cables, straps and Ibanez catalog. I got the rest of the catalogs for free and you will too. (just to clarify)
Paypal is good.

[email protected]


352 Posts
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Ok, the Ibanez catalog will not be missing the EP7 section anymore. I got another new one, so you'll get that one.
And, more catalogs to add...
2005 Jackson XXV New Gear
2005 Jackson/Charvel Standard and Custom Guitar Finishes
2005 Dean Collection
2005 Gretsch, Summer New Models (includes "Billy-Bo" Billy Gibbons/Bo Didley model, Bono Irish Falcon, and new Brian Setzer sig.

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