So I got this Prestige from a dealer in Japan last year and it was modified with a H/S/H pickguard and a route for a battery pack on the back (that looks like it was never used) and it was kind of a mess. I didn't really know what to make of it (I posted a thread on here somewhere) No case and pretty filthy. Steve Morrill and I cleaned her up, I got a new H/S/S PG from Perle guitars and a new MC300 case for her. Now she is set up nicely with .95-44 D'Addarios in E flat with a Jalen FW Custom wound in the bridge (a smoother JB-ish pick up, look it up) a Duncan Classic Stack + in the middle an da 1/4 pounder in the neck.
Ash body , this is a japan only releae (and I can't find a Red Crimson with a maple board on the Wiki , so maybe a spot run or a Custom Order).
I used her at a couple of gigs and she sounded great but I found I'm just not that comfortable on Ibanez 6 string necks, so I have gravitated back to my Jackson/Charvels and putting this one up for grabs.
I got it for a great deal so just trying to recoup what I put into her. A couple of very minor chips on the back edge(see pictures) great neck , nice big prestige frets, truss rod works great, neck is nice and straight no high/low frets or buzzing anywhere. I wish I could bond with this neck because it sounds great. My loss is going to be someone's find. I would rate condition "Very Good" to excellent.
I have included a picture of the pickguard that it came with and I will include in in the sale for no extra charge..
Price is shipped just add the 3%.
if local we can do a little better :)
paypal if shipping cash if local, not interested in any trades.
Thanks Nick