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2018 RG 570-jb

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Please forgive me for my limited knowledge of the Ibanez brand and Im sure my questions will confirm that fact, however I just purchased an Ibanez RG 570-Jb and I have a few questions regarding the setup. first, the nut seems a little high and in fact has been shimmed right out of the box from the factory with what appears to be 2 metal shims, and I am wondering if that is normal practice, it looks to be about 2mm from the first fret. Second, How low should I expect to be able to get the string action? I have always heard how easy these guitars are to play, that said the strings seem way too high. I have tried to lower the bridge, but of course I get some fret buzzing. I have waited a long time to buy a decent guitar and now I am struggling with the purchase. Perhaps I am expecting too much, my hope was that this awesome guitar would play like butter. Thank you for any help out there!!!

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As far as nut height goes, press the string at 3rd fret, & measure the height between there & the nut. I use a business card. If it's too high, remove a shim. As far as action goes you'll need to get the neck relief correct before ad adjusting the bridge.
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