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Item for sale: Jackson DR3

Description & Condition: After much deliberation and the shocking realization that I now own 30 guitars, I have to sell at least 5 guitars (who knows... maybe 10 :( ). This is my 2nd Jackson and one that I thought I'd never get rid of. It's a DR3 made in Japan model with the satin finished hardware. It was purchased new and hand selected out of about 8 DR3 models at all the GC's and Sam Ash's in the NY/NJ area about 4 years ago. Condition is 9.0 It was 9.5 (or better) up until a few days ago when the bar slipped from my fingers and dinged the top in 2 spots while putting it away in its case :mad: Superficial fretware, 1 tiny nick on a body edge and the 2 dings on the top are the only flaws. Acoustically loud for a Floyd equipped guitar and tonally superior to EVERY bolt-on import jackson I've had my grubby hands on over the past 4 YEARS (except for one particular used DKMG that I played last week that was its equal in tone). I have too many bolt-on Floyded superstrats so that's why I selected this one opposed to my other Jackson which is a neck-thru. Whoever gets this one will be very happy. The fact that it sounded so good acoustically shined through electrically, which is why I never swapped the stock pups out but, you might want to as everybody's tastes are different.

Price: $400 Shipped CONUS including tools and Jackson hardshell case (you can have the plain black strap too if you want it).

My Location: North NJ

Other Information: Here's a pic:

Specs are Flame Maple (veneer) top, poplar body, maple neck, compound radius rosewood fingerboard, reverse headstock and reverse sharkfin inlays, Jackson JT-580 Floyd, Duncan Design HB pups, & matte satin finished hardware.

SixStringGuitars at aol dot com
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