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6505+, Legacy or Rocktron Vendetta (TOL)?

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Hey gang. I'm thinking of picking up another amp. My #1 is a Peavey JSX head through B52 Stealth series cab (Celestion V30 speakers). I typically only play it as a half stack, but have both the straight and slant cabs for those times when 4 12" speakers just aren't enough (or I'm feeling particularly indulgent) ;)

I've been shopping around for something used. I'd like to keep it under $700. I think it's between Peavey 6505+, the Carvin Legacy and the Rocktron Vendetta (knowing I probably won't find a TOL and/or be able to afford one).

Here's my style:

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You can NOT go wrong with the Legacy. I've had mine for abotu two years now (head and 4x12) and have never looke dback. It's got the best clean channel I've ever heard on a hi watt amp (it's volume is unbelievable at times). The most common "complaint" about the Legacy series amps is that they don't have enough gain. I fixed that lil' problem with a Keeley mod Boss Metal Zone in fromt of the amp. At a reasonable volume (around 3), you can go from a very clean clean to dirty to straigt up DEATH with the Keeley. Best of both worlds in my opinion...
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