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7 string Help!

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I really need a new 7 string. Im really thinking of the Schecter C7 Blackjack. But Ive never played it.

I assume some of you have so I have a few questions.....

1. Im not a huge fan of really thick necks, I hear this neck is huge how big is it compaired to say a 7620?

2. Is the neck painted?

3. Hows the neck joint? is it as nice as the Ibanez AANJ?

4. I have 2 EMG 81-7 pickups that I want to put in it but have them direct mounted. No Pickup Rings!!! I know that addtional routing will need to be done to accomidate the extra size of the Emgs which is fine, but will the routing cover the 4 holes (per pickup) that were there to hold down the pickup ring? I really dont want holes in my guitar!

5. How does the "feel" of the 26.5 differ from the 25.5 on an Ibanez 7620?

6. How is the playability compaired to say (yup you guessed it) a 7620?

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