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7 String J Custom with Tree of Life inlay

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Remember that beautiful 7 string J custom that was up a while ago? Well, this japanese site has like 5 of them left:


About $2500 for any of you GAS'ers.
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I've got to stop watching pictures of beautiful guitars, they are messing with my mind I tell ya!!
Ibanez should be happy that they don't offer this in a lefty version ;). I might be so inclinded to buy it straight away :lol:.


Too much money for an unbound rosewood fretboard, to me at least.
I must say I'd prefer a different finish, black is so vanilla, so typical. I'd love to see it with a nice flamed maple or koa top, or perhaps walnut. I'm a sucker for a nice wood top, which is one thing i think would look awesome on a jem. Just one guys opinion, sweet axe tho I'll bet it plays like a dream.
If it had an ebony fretboard I would be all over it.
This is one of the best looking 7 strings I've seen from Ibanez but WHY wouldn't they have finished it off by binding the neck and headstock as well as possibly adding an ebony fretboard. It just looks like they couldn't be bothered to finish it.
It would also be cool to see a fixed bridge version of this axe.

fixed bridge option
Ebony board
neck and headstock binding

Then it would be perfect imo, and I would buy one.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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