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7VWH sudden volume drop

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Hey guys,

I need some help. I was trying to even out the volume difference between the neck and bridge EVO's and the neck pickup suddenly went to sounding very thin and weak( after adjustment). Prior it was just as loud or louder than the bridge pickup. Of course I tried readjusting it from really high to really low and it still sounds thin, almost like the single coil in the center. Any suggestions? It is an 03 I purchased new from Rich.


Robert S
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If all you did was raise and lower the pickup, I'm scratching my head.
Try checking the wiring on that pickup. You may have broken one of the wires or connections when moving the pickup. Seems unlikely, but it sounds like one coil may be grounded out.
DUDE, i had the EXACT thing happen on my RG the other day, take a look on the iinside at the pup selector and make sure no bare wires are touching each other.
I will take off the pickguard today and look at the pups.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

Robert S
OK so I took off the pickguard earlier today. I don't know exactly which wires to measure the resistance of but I assume it would be between the black and ground wires, since this is where I got the currect measurement on the bridge pup.The measurement on the bridge pickup is a bit above 13 ohms. The single coil around 6 or 7 ( i don't exactly remember). The NECK pickup measures 470 ohms!!!!

So, I am assuming the pickup is bad. Could the 5 way in anyway contribute to the problem. Since the bridge pickup measures ok through the switch I assume the neck pup should do the same. I would hate to buy a new pup and then it do the same thing. ( Before I order it I would cut the wires and measure the pup by itself just to make sure) By the way I measured the ground side alone of the pup and it was less than 2 ohms.

Rich if you read this one are the neck evo's hard to find?


I'm OK when the problem is wiring, or replacing a bad switch, etc. When somebody start talking ohm's I'd have to hit a book to get it. ;//

Dimarzio pretty much covers their pickups for a lifetime. Send it in with $25 and they'll replace it.
I would check the pots and check the wiring to them. Perhaps a wire is shorting out or something.
Called DiMarzio and they said to send it out. I told the tech about my reading and he said one of the coils is definately shorted out. They will repair or replace the pup for no charge.

Thanks for the help everyone and I will let you know when I get it put back in.


You really have to respect they way that business is run!
rs70chgrrt said:
The measurement on the bridge pickup is a bit above 13 ohms. The single coil around 6 or 7 ( i don't exactly remember). The NECK pickup measures 470 ohms!!!!
Hmm, check the setting on you meter, I think you mean 13K ohms (13,000 ohms) and 6K or 7K ohms, the neck is so far off, hard to tell what's wrong. I'm guessing the neck is reading 470 ohms, which means there is a short across alot of the windings somewhere. If it was 470K ohms, hard to tell , probably a broken winding or wire and you're reading the volume pot. Of course, it could just be a broken wire at the switch or somewhere which is an easy fix.

You are correct. My meter changes ranges automatically. The bridge pickup was just over 13K ohms. The neck pickup is way off. The tech at Dimarzio didn't sound to overly suprised and said it sounded like a shorted coil on one of the windings.

While I am writing, is it just my 03 7VWH or other peoples as well. I made sure and made a drawing of the wiring so I can install the new pup when it arrives. However my wiring doesn't match the diagrams here on jemsite,or the one on dimarzios website. I did a forum search and found one other instance where someones was wired like mine. (the red and green leads are soldered together instead of the black and white like on the diagrams) Bridge pup is wired the same. This was a brand new guitar from Rich with no mods done to it.

Anyone elses 7VWH wired this way?


Most likely all the ones wired by whoever wired your are. It's absolutely no diference in the end.
That's good to know

thanks again
Just a quick recap. I sent the EVO pup in on Aug 18th. They got it on the 22nd. I called on the 25th and was told they were going to repair the pup and that it would be mailed out that day or the 26th. I wait and no pup. Called back on the 31st and they told me they would check on it. Called me back about 15 min. later and told me that the tech had forgotten about it and that it was still on his bench. She apologized and told me that they would send a new one instead. At least she didn't make up an excuse. It was sent overnight on Thur and was on my step this morning. I installed it just now and all is good in Jem land again. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Time to play.

Overall I am very pleased with how Dimarzio treated me.

I love the formula, and follow it myself. No excuses, we're only human. When we screw up just say so, and then make it right. I'd much rather know I'm hearing the truth than try to wade through bull**** ;)
oh well at least you wound up with a nice new pickup for your hassle!
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