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During my undergraduate, I took a class called Music & Dance Collaboration. One thing I vividly remember was how stress-free and relaxed the dancers always were. Also, YouTube was new enough that nobody really knew what it was for. A group of us needed an idea for our final project, a performance of some kind (that was literally the description of the final project), and YouTube proved itself to be useful. I found this video except it was a different version so I had no idea who the band was for a long time.

One interesting thing about the video was we each watched it separately but all thought the same explosion was the coolest. Our "performance of some kind" was loosely based on the idea nuclear weapons are not the best things people have created. However, I remember thinking "this song and video go really well together." I happened to stumble across it again so I thought I would share. This thread can go in several directions: nowhere, quality of higher education in the U.S., or a discussion about how nuclear weapons, specifically the Trinity Test, was the single most convincing physics demonstration ever.

PS - The first water explosion is the coolest one. ;)
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