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If you can find an orinal 550 from 1990 or earlier in great shape try it there much better and also cheaper now. Back in 87 to 92 those were hi end guitars a new 550 anything Genisses can not be considered hi end there less than an american strat 3 models down from there hi end line. Dont get m wrong I own that strat play it every day and I also owned a 1990 RG 560 so I do know what im saying, those 87 to about 92 RG are much better then what the new ones are
Why do you think the new rg550 are not high end?

Why do you think the old rg550 bridge are much better?

I have owned/own both. Don't feel any difference when it comes to the bridge, nor in quality.

I do feel that the new rg550 has a wider neck, although it says it has the same dimension.

I also owned a JEM77fp back in the days and that felt way more high end than all my rg's. Also the pickups on the JEM sounded super nice, MUCH better than the Rg's
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