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About to order new RG

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Hey all. Im about to order a RGT42DXFX. The hardtail neck-thru
RG. Not crazy about the sharkteeth but...Im overlooking that because
I love RG's and I love neck-thrus. And I simply dont have enough money to spring for the really really high end ones.
For the money this seems like a great guitar. Im planning on putting an EMG-81 in the bridge, and perhaps getting a pickguard made to make it a 1 humbucker guitar like my other RG.
What pickguard color do you think would look good on it? Its the flat black color. My other RG is royal blue with pearloid white pickguard. So I'd rather not go the white PG route again. But I will if I have to. I dunno I was thinking maybe a different shade of black?? Give me some suggestions.
And of course if anyone has anything good/bad to say about that model then I would love to hear it. Thanks guys.

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I checked out that guitar before,nice guitar,but i cant stand the feel of the matte finish that covers the entire guitar,especially the neck!!!!
I hear you on the sharkfin inlays. I dont care for them much either. Still, good choice for a guitar. ;)
What pickguard color do you think would look good on it?
i kinda think a mirror pickguard, a la 777bk, would look good on that guitar. but that's me. i have a thing for mirror pickguards right now. i want one for my 550bk.

here's something to consider: being a rear-routed guitar, i think you need a pickguard that takes this into account. it might need the selector switch slot enlarged like the floral 'guards. i have the rgt42fmdr and i've been considering a clear pickguard for mine.
I bought one just to dump my EMG Zakk set in.

I play it the most now.

It sounds good for metal, not much else.

If they would have made a fixed-bridge neck-thru high-end guitar I would have bought that one instead.
The RGT42 is quite a steal for the money! Most of the RG series tend to be reasonably priced and make excellent mod guitars anyway (whether it's just your own pickup choice, or on the RGT42s replacing the Edge Pro II with an Edge Pro and new pickups)..
Have 2 of the rgt42's yes the painted neck sucks but my friend who's a tech told me a way to get around that spray some pam cooking spray on the back of it and wipe your neck will then be super fast
The RGT42's are pretty good value, but you're right about the Sharkfin inlays though, they are kinda ugly. I almost didn't buy my USA Custom because it had them.
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