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I've been wondering what makes the trem springs feel, very different from guitar to guitar.
I have a couple of mahogany prestiges (two RG 2027X and one 2020X)
Those guitars have a lot stiffer trem feel than other Ibanez guitars I have played.

My RG560 which is now very old (1993), has the lightest feel of all my guitars,
I have only Lo-pro trems on mine.
My JPM and JEM's are a bit stiffer than the RG560, but compared to the mahogany prestiges they are very light.

My guitars are setup at the right angles, so what I wonder about, is if there are different type of springs that makes the difference in feel?
or do they have to be broken in?

I have played a RG520X (also piezo equipped, but with the original edge, not lo-pro), that guitar had a tremendous feel, very light, and it was brand new, which kind of takes away my theory about breaking in the springs.
I also had an old RG570 (1992) with the original edge, which also had that light feeling like the 520X (there is something to the edge, I guess)

What I want to know is if the mahogany double edges are different than other Ibanezes in trem feel?
Any ideas anyone?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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