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Looking for Guitar Lessons in the Seattle Area?

Visit http://SeattleGuitarTeacher.com!

Pascal Louvel is a guitar instructor whose approach balances theory and practice. He offers comprehensive written and recorded materials to help students progress between lessons.

Pascal will help you develop your creative response and acquire the tools you need to achieve your musical goals. For example, you will learn how to:

1. Lay down solid rhythms in any style.

2. Master the art of groove.

3. Craft creative guitar parts that fit when working on any song.

4. Jam and solo with melodic fluency.

5. Write songs that really cut it!

6. Audition, record, and play live with genuine confidence.

In Short:

You will develop the skills to play your guitar competently and feel secure in the musical world with the progress you have made.

You'll experience the joy of making good music and sharing your passion, knowledge, and skill with other people - at home, in the studio, or on stage.

Testimonials: http://www.seattleguitarteacher.com/testimonials.php

For more information, pricing, and teaching methods, visit http://SeattleGuitarTeacher.com.
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