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I had sold that SK, the neck wasn't the best, fairly heavy scrafjointitis which I had warned the buyer, I did the cut and 2-4 were just way too short. It needed the frets pulled and the board planed, refret, clear, finish. We just cancelled the sale as I have no time to be doing 12 hours neck jobs. I sold it to Levine to go thru LACS to do the work, you'll notice the brown spots on the fretboard are gone. They could have possibly built a new neck for it but he was adamant about having an original.

If you google "maroon 5 super bowl" almost every picture is with that SK, it was the most interesting guitar he played!

And my boy in Bensalem sent this to me today, I'd never seen him play it. The LNG went out perfect, ready to go on any stage. He didn't keep it long though, he took it onto The Voice set and the house guitar player came up to him gushing about how much he loved it and always wanted one and Adam said "here, it's yours". He really only wanted the SK.

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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