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Isjust got caught up adding the backlog of products you guys had added...and were awaiting add lishing.

1. Please make sure the Product isn't already listed. Two were: Pigtronix Philosopher's Stone and the the V-Pick Pointed series.

2. Add relevant URLs--not eBay links.

3. Please add a proper product description, not your opinion--that will be in the review itself.

It just took me 40 minutes to go through 10 product sdditions, track down info, edit the listings then publish.
It should have taken 10 minutes tops.

Keep all of this in mind when getting to actual reviews.

We've already mentioned this several times.
If we get reviews with not enough info and/or bad spelling and grammar--we will no longer correct them.
They will come back to you for correction.
Quality, not quantity!!!

Now--get those reviews in.....
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