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AEG20E - does anyone have one?

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I bought a AEG20E today at the GC. My family had gotten me gift cards for the GC so I could pick out something for christmas. I saw the AEG tucked away in the corner. I had almost bought a Cedar Top acoustic but then I saw the sunburst and large cutaway of the AEG. It plays well, the action is perfect. It doesn't have the robust acoustic sound of my dreads, but it sounds fine unplugged and even better plugged in. When I came home I immediately went on the Ibanez site to register it. I tried to find the model on the site, but it wasn't there, just the AEG10. My luck to have purchased a discontinued item. The serial number starts with K0509... so I'm assuming it was made in 2005. Does anyone have one and/or know why it was discontinued? Not that discontinuing a model is a bad thing, to me it means it may be a collectors item one day. Any help would be appreciated.


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ok, does anyone have a cousin who has a friend whose sister's boyfriend's cousin knows someone who does?

Be of good cheer. The Ibanez you purchased is a great guitar. I purchased one at GC about two months ago. I've been a musician for 36 years and own over 7 guitars from Gibson, Fender to Washburn and Galveston. the Ibanez AEG20E has become one of my favorites.

To Good Playing Man. . . Keep it! 20 years from now you'll triple your money or even more.

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