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I took delivery of one of dem AF55 thingies this week and really like it. However I'm not sure whether I like the look of the open all-black humbuckers on it.

I could get some chrome/nickel covers but I'm a bit concerned I'll balls up and get ones that either don't fit or that I struggle to do tidily. My soldering is sh;t and I would only attempt if I thought I could do it whilst they are still attached to the guitar. Also, does anyone know whether the pole-piece spacing of Ibanez pickups is fairly standard and PAF-alikes will slot in nicely?

Was also thinking of some of these stickery things you get and doing "zebras" with some cream ones. They are a tad expensive to import to the UK (stupid). Wotevr, they don't appear to have the two different sizes necessary for bridge and neck polepiece spacing. I need 1x50 and 1x52, right? And would they look retro cool or plain daft?

Or black EMG-alikes. Might look inappropriate or cheap, or modern and cool, I can't decide.

Or do some people think the exposed bobbin look is actually quite cool?
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