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AmpliTube® Live

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Hey everyone, how do you hook up your guitar to your computer using AmpliTube® Live. I have the demo and don't know how to set it up. It's only a demo for 10 days, and I want to see how cool it sounds from reviews. Please help, help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks :D
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Take your guitar cable, buy a little radio shack 1/4" --> 1/8" converter, plug your guitar into the line-in/mic-in on your computer (unless you have some sort of an audio interface/outboard soundcard etc...). Then the rest is just tweaking the settings on the computer and the program to recognise the input signal (i.e. make sure everything is fine under Volume control --> Options --> Properties --> Recrding in Windows, etc...)
Hi there! you need a preamp, it might be a M-Audio interface -and ProTools LE included-, a Digi 002 board, or even an acoustic preamp, I use an old Barcus Berry preamp to send my guitar signal to my Mac G5... and it works great!! check if DOD still has the acoustic preamp pedal, am pretty sure it will be under $100.00
I just ordered a M-Audio Firewire 410, and a certain "friendly" online dealer is tossing in a free copy of Amplitude Live with all orders. I'll give it a go and post thoughts - i don't see it replacing my Mesa, but i'd imagine it'll get a lot of use for laying bass tracks (provided there are a few bass amp models, or a useable direct box model coupled with some compressors).

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