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An early pointy headstock...

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I thought you guys might want to see this, given that the headstock is vaguely "Ibanez-like". This is my first electric guitar. My dad bought it at a garage sale and put it under the tree for the whole family one christmas when i was a kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old. Somehow, we managed to keep it around (even though my first 'real' electric guitar, an Ibanez RS-440, was sold years ago) and it now lives at my house.

Behold, my 1960-something Sears Silvertone Mosrite copy:

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Now THAT is vintage. I like it. Pretty cool pic. ;)
That's crazy..My Uncle had that same guitar when I was growing up. He was the reason I wanted to play guitar. I had forgotten all about that till, now.
Thanks for the memories.
Is that real MOP in the fret markers. There appears to be a certain sheen there.
Awesome! I love those old 60's beginner electrics. The variety of shapes and configurations is never ending ;)
It's been a while since i've plugged it in, but i'm dying to try it through my GT-6 with various amps. I seem to recall the tone being somewhat gnarly (in a funky way). The frets on the thing are REALLY low and the string spacing is quite tight, so i was actually thinking of raising up the nut and bridge and making it a downtuned slide guitar.

It does look like real abalone on the inlays, and the binding is like 7-ply ivory and black. The flamed maple top and back are actually quite nice, as is the neck wood. And given how thin it is, it's surprisingly heavy. There must be some really dense particleboard underneath those veneers. :D

Here's a shot of the back:

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Nice! :)

what are those lil studs on the back of the head?

Looks like its in awesome shape for such an old axe, too :)
The string tree bolts down from the back. Those studs are the little nuts that hold it down.
You could always refret it, because for that matter you wont really be out any money with it. Ive seen tom morello, and paul gilbert with some strange guitars that somewhat resemble this, of course both with dimarzio pickups in them but still.
Nice axe! I picked up a Teisco del Ray a few years ago, but I think it looks like ass compared to yours. The strings are spaced close together and it has tiny frets. The tuners on mine were absolute garbage, you need to use pliers to turn them. The action was too high and my friend and I made it worse trying to fix it... So right now I'm building a guitar inspired by the Teisco. Lots of metal plates and big aluminum knobs. The shape was SUPPOSED to be somewhat like yours but hasn't turned out that way. Using the Teisco hardware (minus the tuners) and a neck off a '90 RG550M. I'd love to salvage the Teisco neck and refret it, but it only has twenty frets anyway, two short of the mimimum and four short of perfection :)
Sweeet. I love the "dual neck staggered/angled" look!

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