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Any Sirius / XM Subscribers here

I'm on the road a LOT with my job, I have XM in my car which helps immensely when I have to make extended road trips. One complaint though, there is no progressive rock/ metal station. They have 20 rock stations from classic to indie and metal and everything in between, but no prog. WTH???
I have sent a couple letters to the programming dept requesting the addition of a station featuring the likes of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Porcupine tree, etc They sent me back a letter stating how they listen to their subscribers, but have no plans to add new programming.

I was thinking, why not hit them with a broader bat, and have multiple subscribers petition them?

If the prog wheel squeaks enough, maybe they will oil it?
Email XM Programming
Send em an email if you're a subscriber and bug them for a prog station.
With any luck, they'll listen!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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