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You might want to check out this old thread I started awhile back since it's about converting RTs to AT-style:

Yes, an RX neck will work, but I found them to be inconsistent in quality. I bought one that needed a fair amount of fret work and the truss rod didn't do its job to my satisfaction. So you'd need to inspect it (or have a good tech examine it) to be sure it didn't require a lot of work. I had much better luck with old 22-fret Roadstar necks, but they're not always easy to find.

The main tasks in converting an RT into an AT-style involve:
1) reshaping the heel on both the body and neck to approximate an AANJ shape (the neck part is easy, the body less so).
2) doing some routing to get the neck single coil up closer to the neck than what is possible trying to drop one into the existing neck humbucker cavity
3) getting a replacement pickguard made if you do plan on going with HSS pickups

Obviously, you don't have to do all (or any) of that stuff. You'll still have a cool guitar but it will be missing a few of the features that make the AT appealing. Good luck with it!
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