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Hello all, I am restoring/modding an old ibanez rt-150. I'm basically making an Andy Timmons Clone. However i have had a tough time finding an ibanez maple fretboard neck with 22 frets. I do not want to pay a lot of money as i am trying to clone the AT100 to save money. That and i wanted to restore a guitar.

I found a Ibanez RX20 that is in great condition with a hardshell case for about $95 online. According to wiki the neck is the same size and shape as the rt neck with 2 less frets. The scale of both necks is 25.5". I have also read that these necks are actually pretty nice and play very fast due to being well made and pretty thin. they have jumbo frets whereas the rt viper neck has regular sized frets.

Is this a good deal and would it be a good fit? I know I will have to replace the hardware because the rx neck has cheap tuners on them, so I will have to fill some holes. What do you guys think? i haven't had any other luck with finding the right neck without paying the bucks to have one made. If I do that i might as well have bought a AT10P.

I'll post progress of my work soon with pictures
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