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Andy Timmons & Steve Vai - Beat it RIP Michael Jackson

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That was recorded at Meinl Guitar Festival in germany on June 27th

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yes, it started out fine then turned into a mess......
Nice job filming. You framed the shots perfectly.

And now for the flame. Those two guys put together harmonized melodies in a day, played some goofy solos in tribute to a guy who wore one glove and walked on his toes alot, and did it on probably a single rehersal. Steve and Andy have turds that can play better than probably everyone on this site. They were doing what they do. If you don't like endless noodling and guitar ****ery, don't hang around a forum dedicated to a guitar designed for noodling and ****ery. I know everyones entitled to an opinion, and I know this is one, but does everybody like to crap on people just to crap on people? The internet truly exposes how much people suck sometimes.
So, after all that rant, you still agreed with most of us that it sucked.......
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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