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Anniversary Gift need help.

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Good Morning Guys I've got my first wedding anniversary coming up Oct 2, 05 and my wife has asked what I may like for our anniversary. I am a guitar player for our congregation at our local church and as of late I've come to need an effects processor to spice up things. Now the two that I have pin pointed well be the Digitech GNX4 and the Zoom GFX5 both seem to have positive reviews but I have not played either. I would like to hear from anyone that has either tried one or that owns one. I will be using one or the other through a Traynor YCV40 tube amplifier- 1 Fender Telecaster and 1 Jimmie Vaughn Strat. Now I have used guitar effects before and I have always played them through solid state amps so it is vital that each one of you gives me the pros and cons of each of these effects above. The last processor I owned was a Zoom 9000s. I need to make this decision in the next two weeks so the feedback will be well appreciated.

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technically, you're supposed to give a gift of paper for the first anniversary.

so maybe a gift certificate would be the way to go!
A processor is going to KILL your natural tone.

Id go with a single effect or two, something other than Boss.
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