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when life fukks you, it leaves no hole unopened. but for me, I atleast ended up with a JEM7VWH.


First of all I did a blatant mistake of selling my JEM7VWH last spring. Ofcourse, I started missing it very very much pretty soon. But then I planned a trip to india and left the country for almost 3 months. I thought I had made all my loan payments, insurance etc...which was NOT the case.
When I came back..there was HUGE bill for car insurance and loan payment..with warnings of policy cancellation and credit deptt. kicking my ass etc.. well..payments were made and I thought I was in good shape. I bought a JEM7V off a famous auction site and I ordered a custom car plate.. "JEM7VWH"...muahahahaha !!!

The day i ordered those darn plates, I got a mail saying that there was an insurance relapse (yes i have been lazy before too)...Now I have to surrender my car plates for 15 days and I'll be vehicleless. It's getting cold in rochester day by day.
All my plans to show off my new number plate have gone sour..this sucks. Apparently, those plates will land straight into DMV from my letterbox. but well....atleast i got a JEM7V AGAIN !!

BTW, I had a specific setting on my JCM800 and SD-1 to get a nice tone for JPM...but when I plugged the JEM in...MAN..IT WAS LOUD AS HELL !!! I had to tweak the EQ and cut the distortion and preamp on the pedal and amp respectively ina high amount to tame this beast !! This guitar has made me fall in love with JEMs all over again !!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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