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As part of my on-going studio revamp, I was looking for some sort of direct recording box that would allow me to use my Randall MTS amps without waking the neighbors. (Ok, actually I don't really care about the neighbors, but my wife just started her residency, is on call a couple nights a week, and is sleeping all sorts of odd hours to catch up.) So I've been looking into various cabinet emulators that would work well with my preamp so I could do quiet after hours recording.

The Microcab's (http://www.adadepot.com/adagear/gearpages/cabsims/ADA-Microcab.htm) are pretty cool looking... I like having 8 different cabinet types to choose from, and the fact that it's a stereo device doesn't hurt either. I was just wondering if anybody here has first-hand Microcab experience that they'd like to share. (Or if you use a different speaker simulator and want to share your perspective on it, that would be appreciated, too!)

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